Season 1 – Episode 5: Detective Space Knights

Traitors have infiltrated the ranks of The Resistance. Charged by Alpha to expose the moles, the Space Knights begin immediately conducting their investigation. It doesn’t take long to discover that there is much more to the robots of The Resistance than they could have ever anticipated

Season 1 – Episode 4: Knights of the Space Resistance

The knights stand separated and divided. Bertrand and Harold, guided by the robot Perception, unite with The Resistance only to learn of an imminent attack on their base. Meanwhile, Carlyle falls in with Overlord, who shares with him a terrible secret hidden deep within the darkest depths of the S. S. Panama.

Season 1 – Episode 2: Pilot, Part 2

Bertrand Bradley, son of a modest lord in the Kingdom of Ardum, is charged with a task of vital importance: deliver a masterfully-crafted sword to the King. Unbeknownst to Bertrand, a devilish rogue infiltrates the party and sets in motion a sinister scheme aimed at stealing both the sword and the promised payment.